Dr. Amy E. Keller
Dr. Amy E. KellerMarriage Family Therapist

Meet Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy Keller is not someone you would expect to have a Doctor of Psychology in Psychoanalysis and be a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is an avid skier, motocross rider, and semi-professional salsa dancer. Her joie de vivre and wanderlust have led her to live in countries such as Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Greece, and Costa Rica.

She actively engages with her patients, becoming their personal cheerleader, as well as listening and asking probing questions. Her psychoanalytic training and unorthodox, hands-on “Transformational Therapy” can, she says, heal trauma faster than traditional therapy and spark transformation.

Transformational Therapy gives patients the self-understanding and communication skills needed for positive, long-lasting change in both their relationships and their lives. Her unique approach to couples therapy includes trust-building exercises and homework that can heal injuries caused by conflict, infidelity (both physical and emotional), and miscommunication.

Dr. Amy also recommends her favorite reading and audio material so you can continue to grow outside of the office!

Her patients describe her therapy as not only user-friendly and effective, but fun!