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Recovery after Abuse: Get in Touch with Your Heart

I wish that leaving an abusive relationship would instantly make everything okay. The truth is that the survivor has usually been traumatized, whether the abuse was verbal or physical. Abuse decimates the heart, and now the heart must heal. Please don’t be afraid. Hearts do heal. You will grow, and you will overcome, and you [...]

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The Lost Art of Listening: Part 4 – Listening in Context

In the previous post, we described the continuous process of how to really listen to each other, now we're going to explain the importance of it. When the lines of communication break down, it can damage or destroy our closest relationships, as well as create a domino effect on our other relationships. Couples who have [...]

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The Lost Art of Listening Part 3: Getting Through to Each Other

We've mentioned some of the real reasons people don't listen, sometimes their mind is preoccupied, but oftentimes it's to avoid confronting upsetting emotions. Real listening requires attention, appreciation, and affirmation, but better listening doesn't start with a set of techniques, it starts with a sincere effort to make them your priority to thoroughly listen to [...]

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The Lost Art of Listening: Part 2 – The Real Reasons People Don’t Listen

As briefly mentioned in a previous post, technology has worsened our already fickle attention spans. Genuine listening requires setting aside our own judgments and emotions, but our own expectations often complicate these matters and compel us to react a certain way. Listening is a silent and strenuous activity that requires effort, there are a number [...]

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The Lost Art of Listening: Part 1 – Yearning to be Understood

In today's fast paced world, most people aren't willing to put in the time and energy necessary to really listen to others. Our attention spans have shrunk and priorities scattered in an attempt to multitask and keep up with our life (and others as well!) Miscommunication is a major source of conflict, and our everchanging [...]

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How to Deal with Criticism

Everyone deals with criticism from time to time, but when it interferes with important aspects of your life, it might be time for some change. Sometimes a healthy dose of sarcasm or an elaborate story about how you've been hunting colonies of zombies in the mojave desert will do the trick. But if those seem [...]

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Create Your Own Luck

Luck can be a difficult concept to measure, and everyone could use a bit more good luck when it comes to work and their love life. One of the most important things to note when it comes to getting lucky is to prepare yourself for opportunities and have the ability to shake off failure and [...]

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The 5 Love Languages

We give and receive love in ways that aren't always apparent to others or even ourselves. Certain love languages appeal to some more than others, but it doesn't mean the rest of them are completely irrelevant. For each person, the 5 love languages are ranked in order of importance, some people even score equally in [...]

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