Get Real, Get Going

by Amy Keller and Sarah Sneed



Building a private practice as a mental health professional is a very particular endeavor. You’ll face unique challenges that your spouse, parents, and friends might not understand. We not only share our own experiences and insights, but remind you that you’re not alone…and reinforce that these extraordinary experiences will be formative for the professional you will become.



GetReal, GetGoing is the book we wished for when we were where you are now.


Looking back, we realized that we did some things too soon and others too late. With our help, you can avoid those mistakes!


Starting your own private practice is a life-changing transition. It is also, an enormous project. We have tools to help with both. GetReal, GetGoing will save you hours upon hours of research and project planning. Every chapter of this book concludes with a concise and practical GetGoing Checklist to take you step by step through essential tasks for building your practice.

In addition to those GetGoing Checklists, you’ll find a list of thought-provoking GetReal Decisions.

Finally, we share real-life stories from new and seasoned mental health professionals. Here we pass the best and most compelling of these gems on to you.


To get all you can from this book, try reading it through once for an overview. Then, go back and really work the GetReal, GetGoing system, completing the GetGoing Checklists and GetReal Decisions.

Ready to get started on your GetReal, GetGoing journey?

Enjoy this practical, opinionated guide as you prepare for that leap into your own rewarding, viable, and profitable private practice.