By Julia Caesar

You don’t have to do it alone. Be listened to fully in complete confidence. Be properly understood. Lighten the baggage you carry from your past and free yourself to enjoy the present and future.

My original style of interactive therapy has been of particular use to clinicians, lawyers, professional athletes, creatives and others from all walks of life. I also enjoy guiding students and recent graduates find direction, and help individuals achieve intimacy with their partners or navigate the intricacies and difficulties of separation, divorce, and marital trauma so they can move on.

Step out of the self that you’ve known, and become the woman you want to be. Dr. Amy’s transformational group will help you break free from your past and lead you towards your empowered future. This is an opportunity to face down fears and let go of limiting beliefs in a safe, supportive environment. Reclaim your right to be your own woman, and build the life you want.

While life moves fast, traffic can be slow, so I also offer phone and Skype sessions. Get  the right therapy for you – whatever the distance.

To be announced! Watch this space.