The Lost Art of Listening: Part 4 – Listening in Context

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In the previous post, we described the continuous process of how to really listen to each other, now we're going to explain the importance of it. When the lines of communication break down, it can [...]

The Lost Art of Listening Part 3: Getting Through to Each Other

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We've mentioned some of the real reasons people don't listen, sometimes their mind is preoccupied, but oftentimes it's to avoid confronting upsetting emotions. Real listening requires attention, appreciation, and affirmation, but better listening doesn't start [...]

The Lost Art of Listening: Part 2 – The Real Reasons People Don’t Listen

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As briefly mentioned in a previous post, technology has worsened our already fickle attention spans. Genuine listening requires setting aside our own judgments and emotions, but our own expectations often complicate these matters and compel [...]

The Lost Art of Listening: Part 1 – Yearning to be Understood

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In today's fast paced world, most people aren't willing to put in the time and energy necessary to really listen to others. Our attention spans have shrunk and priorities scattered in an attempt to multitask [...]