8 Marriage Busters to Give Up Today 

8 Marriage Busters to Give Up Today 


1. Put Logic Aside – Your partner’s feelings matter.

2. Peacekeeping Doesn’t Pay – “Anything you say dear” gives you peace in the short term but only prevents you from expressing your feelings and leads to a blow up in the long term.

3. Get Rid of Distractions – Refusing to focus on issues or important conversations simply leads to lack of intimacy and more fights down the road.

4. Quit Nagging – It gives you gains in the moment but a ultimately a long term build up of frustration.

5. No Blaming, Criticizing, or Name Calling – Marital distress is a shared burden and name calling or blaming simply shifts that blame and creates more resentment.

6. Stop Bullying, Rudeness, & Selfishness – These are power plays and ultimately send the message that your partner doesn’t count in your eyes.

7. Stop Stonewalling – Until you decide to deal with your issues they won’t go away.

8. Ditch Unilateral Decision Making – You’re a team, handle your issues in the same manner.

Adapted from Rita DeMaria’s book “The Seven Stages of Marriage


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