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Meet Dr. Amy Keller, Marriage Family Therapist

Everyday I see patients move toward the life they want, thanks to effective therapy.

I love being part of that process! I will do all I can to help you achieve the self-understanding and skills you need for positive, long-lasting change. Both in your relationships and your life. The path is never straight, but I will be with you every step of your journey; helping you navigate every twist and turn. You are not alone in this. Consider me your personal cheerleader. I will do my best to be an inspiring, motivating and energetic partner. We will dance together, with me leading – at first!

I am a Doctor of Psychology in Psychoanalysis and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

My analytic training and unorthodox hands-on approach can take you further on your journey of self-discovery. I don’t want to just ease your pain, I want you to be the happiest you can be. In life you should thrive, not just survive! My talk therapy can not only heal, but spark transformation. I fervently want people to live the lives they dared not dream. I am passionate about motocross, skiing, surfing, salsa-dancing, and more – and I want you to discover your life passions too!

I hear with my heart, empathizing with your emotions – but I also engage with you.

I am a great listener, and your feelings and life experience matter to me, I don’t just sit back and nod. I share my thoughts and insights, and together we will find creative ways to reach your relationship and professional goals. My approach is both caring and practical. I have extensive experience as an LA therapist and I am up-to-date with the latest science, research, techniques and theories. I believe humor has a vital place in life, especially in therapy. I do my best to make therapy fun!

I foster a warm and safe environment – with my therapy dog, if you’re okay with that – and always appreciate the courage and commitment it takes to seek counseling.

Let me help you move from trauma to transformation!