You don’t have to do it alone. I'm here to help!

My original style of interactive therapy has been of particular use to clinicians, lawyers, professional athletes, creatives and others from all walks of life. I help many who help many! I enjoy helping students and recent graduates find direction in their careers. I love helping individuals strengthen intimacy with their partners and deepen their connection. I excel at helping clients navigate the intricacies and difficulties of separation, divorce, and marital trauma. Let my experience guide you!


Infidelity can severely strain a relationship and the people involved. I help couples and individuals express their needs, give them the tools to navigate this upheaval, and guide them through the healing process.

From trauma to transformation

People are often emotionally wounded by past events that continue to disrupt their relationships today. You can not only regain control of your feelings, but also find optimal wellness.

Relationship Success for Professionals

Let me help you be as successful in your relationships as you are in your professional lives! Together we can find a work life balance that leaves you fulfilled and happy. 

achieving emotional intimacy

Loving relationships are what life is all about! I help individuals connect more fully with their nearest and dearest or navigate the difficulties and intricacies of a breakup so they can move on.


I have a lot of experience in supporting clients in the acculturation process. I’ve had the pleasure of living all over the world and understand the difficulties that can arise when assimilating and while straddling two cultures. Having several advanced degrees in both Western and Eastern religions doesn’t hurt either!

Navigating frustrations and setbacks

Life is often unfair and doesn't always go according to plan. I can help you handle life’s roadblocks and emerge smiling. I work with patients aiming to get them unstuck and reach the self-understanding necessary for long-lasting positive change.

mid-life crisis to personal growth

Make the rest of your life the best of your life! Mid-life can be a time of positive transition and an opportunity for tremendous growth. I will guide you to that happy place and bring out the true you.


Do you ever feel like you and your partner speak different languages? Don't worry, I'm fluent in several! I am passionate about helping you understand and communicate with your significant other.  

Life coaching

Successful people work with a good life coach for the same reason that athletes train with good sports coaches – to become the best at what they do. You too have the power to be the best version of yourself.  My motivational life coaching provides busy individuals with the emotional space they need to pause, reflect, and tune in to their own greatness – before taking their next big leap forward.

Women's transformational Retreats

Step out of the self that you’ve known and become the woman you want to be! My transformational retreats will help you break free from the past and lead you towards an empowered future. This is an opportunity to face fears and let go of limiting beliefs in a safe, supportive, and relaxing environment. 

coaching fledgling therapists

New therapists rejoice! I can help you build the private practice of your dreams. I will provide you with real-world examples, anecdotes, and valuable lessons for every step of your professional development. In addition, my newest book, Get Real, Get Going, offers practical, opinionated, and concrete advice on everything from managing critical deadlines to building a long-term client base to securing office space.