Happy Clients

I have been seeing Dr. Amy for 5 years now. My life has transformed and I feel empowered more than ever. Through the ups and downs in life, she helps me stay grounded and see through the fog. She has helped me mature mentally, spiritually, emotionally and energetically.
— Julianna S.

Dr. Amy is not just a therapist. She is your personal cheerleader with a warm heart and kind spirit. She consistently challenges you to succeed and do well in every aspect of your life.

— juan D.

Dr. Amy is great. She's smart, insightful, easy to talk to, has tons of resources -- all of which I appreciate, but the trait I like most about Dr. Amy is she's effective.

— Paul s.

I leave each session with a renewed sense of self, purpose, and clarity...ready to tackle life.

— Sara B.

Amy is a warm, brilliant therapist who is consistent and committed to the process of regaining a great life.

— Diane A.


Amy is tremendous. Easy to talk to and work with. Super sharp. Warm, personable, and funny. I have seen her as an individual and in couples therapy. She has helped me through some very hard times and also not-so-hard times. Whatever the case, she has been outstanding. Thanks, Amy!

— Andrew A.

I could go on and on about Dr. Amy but I'll stop here, lest everyone out there try to fill up her schedule ;) I joke with her that she is my savior, but it's really not a joke at all; Dr. Amy has made me a better, healthier and happier person, and I'll be grateful to her forever for changing my life.  

— Christine C.

Dr. Amy has such a positive demeanor and is funny as well, which makes the often painful road to recovery and repair, that much more doable.  It's an honor to know and work with her and I'm always happy to recommend her whenever the opportunity comes up.

— Ellen A.

Having Dr. Keller on my side, helps me to feel grounded and maintain sight of the most important things in life.
Due to her education and skills, she is in high demand, but I recommend being patient and trying to get on the calendar. She is the real deal!!

— diana w.


 I highly recommend her couples therapy, as she is lighthearted, but focused, and always fair. We are really pleased with the progress we've made under her support and guidance.  I can honestly say she's been a much needed resource, and we're so glad we found dr. Amy!

— Heather D.

I don't think I can recommend Amy enough. She is truly great.
She has a warm smile that makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning. She is methodical in her approach and also capable of tuning her interaction to fit a person's needs. She speaks from the heart.

— Robby Z.

Dr. Keller is truly one of those uncommon individuals, whom I characterize as outstanding.   Additionally, she has a way of conveying understanding and empathy in a way that is rarely seen these days. Her commitment and ethical standards are beyond reproach. I recommend her without reservation.

 — Jeffrey A.

I'm a patient of Dr. Amy's, and I can't recommend her enough. She is caring and empathetic - she really invests herself in her patients. She will make you work hard to face things about yourself that you might not like, but those revelations will change your life.

 — Kevin S.